Keeping in mind all the important chores one has to do regularly, who wouldn't want to save a ton of time in getting ready?

The solution is here as Japanese Hair straightening treatment of Japanese origin after gaining popularity in the 2000s in New York City is now available to you!

There are loads of BENEFITS

from this process

It makes your hair much quicker to dry and needs very little attention out of the shower, giving you a professional look with very minimal effort. It saves your gorgeous hair from humidity keeping it fresh.
  • It gives you an absolutely sleek, frizz-free look.
  • It gives you more hours on your clock as you no longer have to fight to dry the wavy, curly hair with a blow dryer and heavy brushing.


This is an extensive process performed by experts that requires 3-7 hours depending on the particular kind of hair one has. It is basically a special solution [viz. Disulfide/Cystine] that chemically alters the bonds that give shape to the individual strands of hair.
  • Since this process will create a permanent change to the existing hair, our professional stylists will meet for a Consultation before scheduling you for the straightening treatment.
  • If and when you are eligible to get the treatment your hair will be shampooed followed by a partial drying.
  • In the next step, the solution/activator will be applied. After it has been left on for a while a strand test would determine the further process.
  • After rinsing the hair, a conditioner and heat protector is applied to allow ironing of the hair at a very precise temperature. Then a leave on neutraliser is applied in order stabilise the balance of the pH.
  • A final blow drying is done with further application of conditioner and heat protectant.
  • This delicate process requires some minute attention from your side. The newly straightened hair requires you to keep it dry and free for 48-72 hours. Ponytail holders, clips, combs, or even tucking the hair behind ears can cause unnatural bends that would not go away. During this time the chemicals might still be working.
  • If the hair has been recently colored, bleached or treated, this should be brought to the stylist's notice. This helps you get the best possible outcome best suited for your hair.
  • This whole process gives you a more polished look and smoothens your hair hassles! Look this gorgeous and be pumped with a new confidence altogether.